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ATD ICE 2023 Scenario: Implementing a New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Company: ABC Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Background: ABC Manufacturing is a mid-sized manufacturing company specializing in the production of automotive parts. The company has been experiencing substantial growth and has decided to upgrade its outdated legacy systems by implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The new ERP system will streamline processes, improve data visibility, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Learners: The learners in this scenario are employees from various departments within ABC Manufacturing, including manufacturing, inventory management, procurement, finance, and customer service. They have varying levels of familiarity with computer systems and technology, but they all need to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the new ERP system in their daily job responsibilities.

Training Objective: The objective of the training program is to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully navigate and utilize the new ERP system. The training aims to ensure a smooth transition from the old legacy systems to the new ERP system, minimizing disruption to operations and maximizing employee productivity.

Evaluation: The training program will include evaluation measures to assess the effectiveness of the training and the learners' proficiency in using the new ERP system. This may involve quizzes, performance assessments, or surveys to gather feedback from participants. The evaluation results will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that the training program meets its objectives.

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