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ATDOK21: Designing Training for Neurodiverse Learners

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe anyone with a different brain process. The latest studies show this is upwards of 30% of the population. It includes Autistic learners and people with dyslexia, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among others. Even with the 508 compliance regulations to support people covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a large population of our current and potential learners are not having their needs met with traditional training development. In this session, we’ll review the considerations you can make to be more inclusive of the needs of today’s learners.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the audiences who are not currently represented in our training development considerations.

  • Identify ways in which we can alter how we develop training to better meet the needs of neurodiverse audiences.

  • Reframe our development process to integrate best practices to support more of our learners.

Download PDF • 7.87MB

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