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DevLearn 2021: BYOD: Building Your First VR Project in Adobe Captivate

You’ve seen virtual tours of houses and museums and want to create something like this for your organization. You can now build it using Adobe Captivate! If you’re already experienced with Adobe Captivate, you’ll leverage your skills to use 360 degree photos that you can take on your phone to build a virtual reality project integrating text information, videos, photos, and quiz questions. You can create entirely virtual reality projects that work with VR headsets or you can include VR slides in traditional Captivate projects where the user interacts on a laptop. These projects are like tours; not full-featured virtual reality.

In this session, you’ll use one of the latest project types in Adobe Captivate to build a virtual reality project. Using provided files, you’ll work along as we provide 360 degree image files to allow the learners to navigate the virtual world. Once we’ve set up the flow for what we want them to see, we’ll add different types of information to each area, including pop up text, images, videos, and audio. After all the navigation and educational content is included, we’ll include question slides to determine if the learner understands the key concepts of the virtual reality module. You’ll leave this session with a functional VR prototype. Bring your Google Cardboard or other extension to make your phone work like a VR headset to try it during the session. Experience with the Adobe Captivate interface is required to follow along in this session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can develop a virtual reality module in Adobe Captivate

  • How you can integrate a virtual reality slide in a traditional Captivate module

  • Which forms of multimedia are compatible with Adobe Captivate virtual reality modules

  • Which forms of quizzing are compatible with Adobe Captivate virtual reality modules

Technology discussed in this session:

Adobe Captivate 2019 (or higher if it exists), Apple iPhone (for making the 360 photos), laptop computer (any compatible with Adobe Captivate 2019)

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop capable of running Adobe Captivate 2019 and a license/trial of this software

DevLearn Assets
Download ZIP • 339.27MB

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