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ATD TK 2021: Building Quizzes in Adobe Captivate

At the end of an e-learning assessment, a learner sees metrics for “correct answers,” “number of questions,” and “accuracy.” But wouldn’t it be more helpful for their continuing education and their supervisor to know in which areas they had the greatest success and weakness? In this session, you will discover how to use Adobe Captivate to develop an assessment with a test bank to select a certain number of questions based on the objectives in your course. You will learn how to establish a pass or fail overall score for the course and build subscores for each objective that a learner must pass.

In this session, you will:

• Construct an assessment that accurately determines the learner's ability to meet knowledge level objectives. • Determine when and why an e-learning developer would want to use objective level or content-area quiz pools in Captivate.


Session Materials:

Download ZIP • 10.58MB

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