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Case Study: Racial Microaggression in a Corporate Workplace

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Client: DesignxHumanity

Year: 2020-2021

Project Type: Content Development, Instructional Design, e-Learning Development

Tools: PeBL Pro, Mural, Miro

My Role: I volunteered with DesignxHumanity as a Senior Instructional Designer. Over 18 months, I worked with a team of people to create this course, which we presented at DevLearn DemoFest in October 2021. Michel Hobson was the primary subject matter expert on this project. Veronica Celina Dominguez was the primary instructional designer on this project.

Background: DxH is a design collective and apprenticeship program pairing experienced creatives with fresh faces to collaborate on real-world projects advocating for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). They work on all topics regarding equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. I joined as a call for experienced instructional designers to support new designers transitioning into the industry.

Primary Obstacles: Deciding on the amount of content, how to present it, and dealing with everything related to COVID and getting work done was exceptionally time consuming. Since these were all volunteer roles, it was hard to maintain a consistent team. Ultimately 3 people started and finished this project, with a dozen other instructional designers and subject matter experts offering their experience throughout the process. Due to COVID, we were unable to video record the presentation as planned, and ultimately switched to the newly created PeBL development tool, which we learned for this project.

Results: While having the behavior change of being anti-racist would be the ultimate goal, we realized that's impractical for a one-off training, so this module seeks to help a learner understand the various roles in microaggression: Aggressor, Receiver, and Bystander. In a Choose Your Own Adventure fashion, the learner can explore her choices and receives feedback from our SME on how she might be supporting a culture of microaggression in a corporate environment. The final program is 508 compliant.

Award: Winner- Best Immersive Experience, DemoFest, DevLearn 2021

View: Use the contact form if you'd like access to my Learning Management System to take this course. To purchase it for your organization's use, please contact DesignxHumanity.

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