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Case Study: Client Onboarding

Client: Washington Service Corps, the Washington State division of AmeriCorps

Year: 2021

Project Type: Instructional Design, e-Learning Development

My Role: I worked with the training lead at WSC to redevelop a series of five YouTube videos into interactive e-Learning modules. I also coached him on learning Articulate Storyline to be able to maintain the deliverables going forward and develop new projects with this tool.

Background: Washington Service Corps onboards new clients, nonprofit organizations that receive funding, in September annually. They found that some of the organizations were unfamiliar with the terminology used in the paperwork for funding and didn't understand their role in maintaining funding. This program was established to help both the nonprofit organizations and WSC better understand their relationship.

Primary Obstacles: There were LOTS of new terms in this project. In addition to the requested four modules, we also created a Rise based glossary tool to allow the learner to search for all of the major terms in the program and see which module they're in to quickly remind themselves of those concepts.

Results: Working with the SME, we decided that the goal was less about assessing the learner's understanding of the concepts, which they'd become more familiar with during the year and more on ensuring how the relationship between the two organizations would work. To that end, we demonstrated how other organizations answered questions, explained which were useful and not as useful and then had the learner write similar information about their organization. At the end of each module, all of those variables were aggregated into an email sent to the SME allowing him to start the conversation with the organization about how their program will work with WSC. The final program is 508 compliant.


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