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Case Study: Instructor Led Training Update

Client: Content Expert

Year: 2021

Project Type: Instructor Led Training Module with Learner Takeaway

My Role: I redesigned the content to shorten it to the one hour timeframe and developed after training support materials.

Background: This content expert is coming out with a book on a topic and works with large organizations to do organizational assessments. The instructor led training is the presentation of the results of the organizational assessment, specifically targeted at how line staff can support the organizational initiative.

Primary Obstacles: The learners may have no familiarity with the content area and a wide breadth of content needs to be included in a very short timeline.

Results: We decided that not everything could be sufficiently covered in the one-hour period, so in addition to the PowerPoint based deck and instructor materials, we provided the learners with a QR code to access a Rise module that offered additional detail on the content and the specific actions they could take to support the organization in their initiative.

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