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Case Study: Consulting Training

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Client: Automotive Company- B2B

Year: 2020

Project Type: Instructional Design and Articulate Rise

My Role: I acted as the instructional designer, working directly with the SMEs to develop the scenarios and as the Rise developer.

Background: Develop a program for internal consultants to better meet the needs of the dealerships when working with them to use the available tools to improve their sales.

Primary Obstacles: Dealership employees felt that the consultants were too transactional in their interactions.

Results: A branching Rise module using the "Scenario" feature where the learner can only pass once they've made it through all of the conversation points. At the end, the learners are offered feedback on what they can reflect on for their future conversations with dealership clients.

This project is under NDA, so the screenshot and scenario are not from the project; only reflective of the look.

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