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Discover E-Learning Resources for Your Department of One

Presented at ATD TechKnowledge in February 2019

Requires ATD National Membership to view.

As a department of one, you have to get creative by finding free resources or repurposing tools available in your organization. It's often hard to obtain funding for resources that would be useful in e-learning development. In this session, you'll explore the existing organizational resources and tools that may be available for you to use, either for free or at low cost. These will include graphic design, project management, and authoring tools. Through the creative application of what's used in other departments, you can discover ways to use them to meet your needs. We'll discuss the kinds of resources and tools that are optimal for e-learning development and workarounds with what you might be able to find. This session was recorded at the ATD 2019 TechKnowledge conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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