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The State and Future of Learning & Development in 2021: See What the Experts Think!

Written by Jeffery Dalto:

2020 brought the COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of challenges to workplace learning efforts and neither have gone away just yet.

We asked some of the leading learning & development experts in their world for their insights on how COVID has impacted L&D and what may be in the future for L&D. There answers are in this guide.

We’d like to thank all of the contributors for sharing their time, knowledge, and insight. They include Connie Malamed, Arun Pradhan, Patti Shank, Cara North, Clark Quinn, Stella Lee, Zsolt Olah, Julie Dirksen, Mike Taylor, Jacinta Penn, Guy Wallace, Emily Wood, Kassy Laborie, Alexander Salas, Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton, Christy Tucker, Linda Berberich, and Richard (Dick) Clark. We encourage you to follow up and learn more from each of them–visit their websites or blogs, buy and read their books, catch them on social media where they share helpful information, and more.

If you’re interested in workforce L&D issues, you might also appreciate the State of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Training Guide and State of Industrial & Manufacturing Training Guide from our partners at RedVector.

Enjoy the guide, thanks again to the contributors, and have a safe, productive 2021 full of learning, improve performance, and success. Cheers!

Emily's Expert Advice on pages 26-27

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