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Tips for L&D Improvement in 2022

I was invited to participate as an expert for L&D tips for new professionals in 2022.


To create this booklet, learning and development experts from around the world were asked a single, two part question: “What is something you feel people in L&D might sometimes be able to improve on, and what tip(s) can you offer to assist with that improv includes the answers to that question. ement?” This booklet This booklet was compiled by Jeff Dalto and will be published at Guy Wallace’s Treasures ( ) with a special excellent assist from Guy (thanks to Guy ). HPT It includes contributions from many experts in learning and development from throughout the world. The real thanks are to the contributors — thanks so much! If you’re reading this guide, we hope you enjoy it, find it helpful, and are able to apply some of the tips to your own work. Additionally, we encourage you to search out the contributors, follow or connect with them on social media, read their blogs, buy their books, attend their conference presentations, and register for their online classes. Enjoy the booklet, have a great 2022, and keep getting better!

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